How will we photograph your wedding

How do we go about photographing your wedding? My style is documentary story telling with a mix of fine art for the shots of you both together.  Check out the blog for a real look at what we do over the course of your day.

Why book me to photograph your wedding? I have many years experience in the industry, I’m an award winning photographer and this is my full time occupation and profession.

I have photographed weddings since 2008 and the standout thing I have learnt is that no wedding is the same. Each day is unique and its the people that make it that way. This is why I love weddings.

I like to document your day in a way that shows it like a story from start to finish. Including all the details no matter how big or small. Whilst looking for all those moments that happen naturally. A laugh a smile a moment, anything that captures a persons personality will make you smile when you look back at your photos and relive your day. After all your photos are forever and there for generations to look back on. After all your wedding photographs are the one thing from your wedding day you will have to keep forever.

Whilst I shoot your day in colour we will give you an extra edit of your day in Black & White as its my favourite type of photography.

We will of cause do a small number of formal group photographs if required, our approach is to get this done as quickly as possible to get you back to your wedding so we can carry on telling you unique day with a beautiful set of photos.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to photograph many weddings of different cultures. This has enabled me to learn about different customs and traditions and know what to look for and which moments are important.

Check out the Blog

If you are here for weddings please look at the wedding gallery.  But to really understand us and to see what we will do at your wedding, check out the blog.  It shows how we capture your day not just a selection of our favourites. BLOG