Signature Edit……?

So after many years of editing photographs I finally have what I’m calling my Signature Edit.  Now back to the beginning, when you start editing photographs you are always looking for a style or look, and as soon as you find it you start changing it! Part of this is your progression as a photographer the way you shoot and what you shoot changes how you want your photographs to look.  I have now settled on my main edit and have done for a good 4 years now.  I use this edit for all my work no matter the subject.  But in the background I have had a different body of work with a completely different look.  This has always been on my personal photographs.  I love this edit and it has evolved over many years but I’m now settled on where it is and its ready for the world to see.

Whats the deal?
I will still be using my main normal edit for everything its a style I have built up over time and people know and like it.  However I will now be including a separate edit of a selection of photographs from whatever session/event you have with me. These hand selected photographs will be in a folder called Andrew Franklin Signature Edit.

What it Andrew Franklin’s Signature Edit?
My signature edit is my personal hand crafted edit in my unique style. The Signature Edit embraces a softer cinematic style and feel, with warm tones, matted blacks, unsaturated colours and a classic film grain.  Bringing a whole new dimension and feel to your photographs.

Now on to the photos!

Andrew Franklin -0078
Andrew Franklin-4543
Andrew Franklin-4257
Andrew Franklin-0149
Andrew Franklin -0556
Andrew Franklin -5154
Andrew Franklin -0441
Andrew Franklin -0285
Andrew Franklin -0275