Shubhaanvita & Amar’s Wedding Day

After the fantastic celebratory atmosphere of yesterday, today was a day i was really looking forward to shooting. The weather was looking fantastic and i knew i was in for a day of fun celebrations and laughter, all fantastic ingredients for achieving some great photographs for Shubhaanvita and Amar. The formal ceremony  showed the mood of the day and the great sense of humour between Shubhaanvita & Amar, with the couple exchanging a comical fist bump in exchange for the traditional first kiss after exchanging rings.  Then we moved on to the traditional Hindu ceremony, something i love, i find the format of the ceremony and the family involvement and interaction fascinating, there is always plenty to capture and the union between the two families is truly visible and warming to witness, again this is fantastic from a photography point of view. After the formal side of the day had been taken care of the rest of the day was a great festivity of fun, it was nice to see the groomsmen surprise the couple during their speeches with a Bollywood inspired dance, once again conjured by Amar’s cousin, plus the addition of a surprise skype speech from friends around the world who could not make it. Overall there were too many special moments to document, on a truly special day full of energy and laughter.




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