Shubhaanvita & Amar Day 1

From the first day that I met Shubhaanvita and Amar, it was apparently clear that family played a huge part not only in their wedding celebrations but in their lives in general. The wedding celebrations began today at Shubhaanvita’s fathers home, with family and friends gathering from around the world to join in the celebrations. The festivities were fantastic, with a constant  flow of happy and energetic guests revelling in the occasion. As the evening progressed the wedding party moved to Oatlands Park Hotel to continue the celebrations, one stand out memory for me will always be Amar’s cousin (a professional Bollywood Choreographer) getting everyone up to perform a dance, there was no self consciousness in the room and everybody was enjoying themselves so much, this really helped to reflect the atmosphere and party mood in the photography. Thanks a lot guys I had a blast shooting your first days celebrations and i’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s ceremony and further celebrations.




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