Photo shoot with Clint


Today we had clint the winner of a competition run by 'Barking Mad' join us with his owner Kerry. We offered a photoshoot as a prize to the winner and we were delighted when we met that winner .... Clint!

After Barking Mad had judged the winner, we received a copy of Clints story and instantly fell in love with him too. Read on to see Clint's story:

Clint’s Story: 

We have a black lab collie cross but what makes him extra special is he is a dwarf. We rescued him 7 years ago yesterday (27/02). 

I remember the day we first met Clint. We had been looking at various rescue centres in London and they were mostly full of staffs - which were not suitable for us. But, upon visiting harefield dogs trust centre, we were told they might have a pup for us. After showing us a picture, the lady went out back to fetch Clint. Out waddled Clint with a huge cone around his neck (he had just had an anal mass removed). The ladies first words were "he is a bit shorter than I expected". With normal body and feet but mars bar size legs, he bounded over to us. It was love at first sight. 

We were told he was rescued from Ireland as they were overrun with strays; if the dogs trust didn't take some, the dogs would unfortunately get put down. So, it was Clint's lucky day! He was very well trained when we brought him home, so we could only assume he was an abandoned pet because of his mass; perhaps they could not afford the surgery? Regardless, he was with us now and in his forever home.

We were told he was only three but his grey beard told us otherwise. The vet confirmed he was at least 6 when he was rescued, so we certainly have a wise gentleman within the family now.

The last seven years has been filled with lots of fond memories. Clint has always been there to put a smile on my face. He does the usual dog things such as running to the door to greet me. I would like to think I'm his favourite (just don't tell my brothers!). Every night without fail he would climb the stairs and snuggle up into my bed for cuddles. Waking up to him curled in my duvet is always a good start to the day, even when I visit home now he curls up as if I had never been gone. Clint is truly one of the family now - he is referred to as one of mummy's babies; he gets presents and cards at Christmas, and his birthday too. His favourite meal is of course when he joins us for Christmas dinners. He has been on many family holidays including camping trips and going to a truck festival! 

The last seven years haven’t been completely plain sailing, within the first few years we became aware of traits that could come with being a dwarf dog. He had many eye infections and we continued to take him to the vets. Eventually after a nasty bout, we were referred to a specialist. Clint's retina was detaching and he would lose sight in his eye. He was kept over night (I cried all night). They confirmed it was genetic and informed us his other eye could go the same way and there was no telling if nor when it would happen. Fortunately, he still has sight and hasn't suffered anymore eye infections (touch wood) since. So now Clint has one normal eye and a very grey cloudy eye making him even more unique (if that was possible). He did have to get used to using one eye though. 

Our hardest time came at the beginning of this year, we had a scare with the nasty C word. Clint had a large lump form under his front leg causing him to limp. He had to have day surgery to have it removed. Being the old man he is, it was difficult to say how he would react to being put under. As I currently live away from home it was difficult not being there with him. Fortunately, he came through fine, and on a more positive note the lump was tested and its was not cancerous! Clint had a lipoma. It was such a relief. Losing Clint would have caused the whole family to crumble, it would be like losing a brother to me. 

We cherish all the time we have with him; he is definitely a spoilt pooch. I like to think that despite the difficulties we have faced with him, we have given Clint his perfect forever home. It is clear he understands the love and affection we give him because he gives it back tenfold. He is most certainly my cuddle buddy and one of the reasons I visit home so often. Even if Clint does not win anything in this competition, he is winning in life and he is winning in my eyes. I even have a bag and a cushion with his face printed on them so he can be with me even when I can't be at home. He is my winner and no one will change my mind. 

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